28 Dec 2018, 14:00

2018 Conferences

I gave quite a few talks this year, and also organized several conference tracks.

Config Mangement Camp

It was an excellent Config Management Camp this year, and fun to speak at.

QCon London 2018

I organized the Modern Computer Science in the Real World Track at this conference, it was a great set of talks.

I also spoke in the Modern Operating Systems track

KubeCon Cloud Native Europe


Registration required to watch videos.


All Things Open

I don’t think this was recorded.


I curated the Modern Operating Systems track, and spoke on it. The videos are coming out on 7 and 14 January

  • Thomas Graf, How to Make Linux Microservice-Aware With Cilium and eBPF
  • Alan Kasindorf, Caching Beyond RAM: The Case for NVMe
  • Justin Cormack, The Modern Operating System in 2018, a somewhat changed version of my QCon London talk
  • Adin Scannell, gVisor: Building and Battle Testing a Userspace OS in Go
  • Bryan Cantrill, Is It Time to Rewrite the Operating System in Rust? (Don’t miss this!)

DockerCon EU

Registration required to watch videos. I helped organize the Black Belt track which had some great talks:

I gave a joint talk on Open Policy Agent and a re-run of the earlier talk with Liz Rice

Kubecon Cloud Native US


Don’t miss the Modern Operating Systems track at QCon London which I am curating, should be excellent.

  • Jessie Frazelle on eBPF
  • Avi Deitcher on LinuxKit
  • Kenton Varda on Cloudflare Workers
  • others TBC

I am planning or hoping to attend in 2019 at least the events below, but also no dount several other ones.

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